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Written by D.Z.   
Thursday, 15 February 2007 20:42

How did we ended up with Irish Terriers...


I have to admit that it is generally “my fault” that our family has become bigger and there are two members more.

The first dog which entered in my life was Ťapinka – just a little female-dog of a crossbreed. She was my grandpa's dog. We were born the same year and she lived admirable long life - 16 years.

When I was a little child I met my first terrier. My brother with his friend found in a forest a dog tied to a tree. This little puppy Bobík had lived some time always one week by us and another by the family of my brother's friend where he finally stayed.

The first dog, which was really mine, was a pup of a Welsh terrier in 1977. I knew every page of the book called “Choose Your Dog” in this time when I found out that there were born couple of puppies of Welsh in the neighborhood. It was one of three races I had been dreaming about and a big challenge for not being so shy any more as well. I took my pocket-money, made me a bit self-confident and after some time of secret visiting of the fancier I came home with a dog which was only mine! I guess I must have been really annoying to persuade Mr. Berger to sell the dog to a 12-year-old girl. What is more, not from a hunting family. I was not welcomed very friendly at home but Flora from Sybila was finally allowed to stay!
After lots of years I read a “Dog Atlas” again, this time, however, with three children. We lived in sublease, we were building a new house and were dreaming about a new dog. For example about Newfoundland. But my husband “reduced” our images a bit. He allowed “something” up to 50 cm. I found it a bit pity, to have a Welsh again, when I could a bigger one. So we were searching each other to the moment, when we found us! There is a dog “D” - it looks a bit like Welsh but it is bigger. The only problem was we had never seen an Irish terrier before and there was written in the atlas that it was not very common in our country...
Anyway, the next events ran very fast. One day after, during the waiting for my husband in a shopping-center I was reading a magazine called “The World Of Dogs”, just to find out if there was something about Irish terrier. I did not find anything – except for one offer with the phone number from our region! So I called a fancier and asked her about the possibility of seeing the female-dog. I told her immediately that we were not able to buy the dog in those days, we only were interested in the race. The woman agreed and then went the whole family to her to see a dog, which we would have the next year.
From what I had read in the book, I was prepared for the tough female-dog defending its puppies against aliens from outside. But something absolutely different happened instead. The dog-mummy Aira welcomed us as her old friends and was obviously happy that we played with the little ones and she could finally have a rest. When the children were playing with the puppies, Aira laid her head on my knees and suddenly I saw the beautiful eyes of Flora again, again after many years. One pup took my interest during our visit – he was the biggest and the maddest one. This doggy did such a mess! Only during half an hour he pulled a tablecloth down, spilt tea and watter, bit a hole in a sock of my husband and made the others absolutely tired. But he was booked and we did not want to take any of them, anyway.
All the journey home everyone was absolutely silent. And immediately in the evening the children wrote a letter for the father, where they promised a lot. What is more, they started to keep the promises in the same evening. For example, they made a timetable of walking a dog – and even if it was freezing, they were running outside, just to let the imaginative dog pee. And what about me? When I thought about Aira's eyes, I could not be adult, responsible and reasonable enough and I went to the house-caretaker to ask him if it was a problem, to have one member more...
After we spent a week taking care of an imaginative dog we wisited the Baštář family again. We found out that the women who wanted the temperament pup, lost somehow her interest. So the fancier decided it was necessary to send the pup to some big family. We had simply looking for each other until we finally found us! And we became a pack with a new member called Aris – the little savage.

Years passed away, I took Aris regularly to an exercising ground, we participated couple of dog-exhibitions, made some exams and found it a pity that we did not have any pups. It was the first step for providing a female-dog - a friend for Aris and an exercising-ground-fellow for my daughter. It would have been boring after all, to go there with only one dog! The name Bona had been chosen before we found the right puppy, which was a little problem. We had a condition that a family tree of Bona should have passed well to the Aris's one. We wanted namely that they had pups together. Because of this we brought our dreamed female-doggy with Croatian father from Slovakia.

We immediately fell in love with Bona because of its friendly behavior. She also makes exercises with pleasure. Actually she makes everything with pleasure, and is still in good mood. She has even canis therapeutic gift – for example when somebody has a back-ache, Bona feels it, lays to him and makes the tender spot warmer.

In Winter 2006 were we allowed to use the official name of our breed-station – AMICUS HIRTUS. And right the following Spring was fulfilled our next dream – we reared up the first litter of the little Irish terriers. Mother Bona was just perfect and also father Aris was a responsible “educator”. In 2008 we repeated the care again. We hope that all of our dog youngsters have met the right people and that they love each other and make their lives happier. We have kept in touch with most of the fanciers and some of them have become our good friends.
I would like to thank my parents and especially my children for all the understanding of my hobby they have ever had. And also for their important help during the exercising, exhibitions and dog walks. Our walk-a-dog-timetable still works with some changes up to these days and the dogs go out at least twice a day! I have to thank the owners of our puppies as well – for their love, care, patience and for successes gained on exhibitions and exams.

I also thank to all four-legged friends and Florka even for the saving of my life.
Dagmar Zadražilová
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