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Written by D.Z.   
Thursday, 15 February 2007 20:39

The Irish Terrier


Irish terrier is a half-big dog. Which means big enough to be Mr. Dog and small enough to be with its master almost everywhere.

Kubíček whispers to Boně:\ The character is a combination of temperament, courage, immense loyalty and an ability of adaptation. Our red-haired-fellows have every time enough energy and power so that make a trip with us. Aris is even capable of pulling cross country skiers and reacting on orders like “slower!” or “stop!” very quickly. On the other hand, when I was ill for a long time Aris and Bona both stayed by my bed whole time and did not express they wanted out. They simply knew that it was not possible.

We have never seen even the smallest sign of aggression against the children. When were the children of our acquaintances too annoying, the dogs simply went away and hid themselves. But during a night-meeting with couple of some druns Aris was absolutely uncompromising and showed that it was prepared to protect me if it was needed.

We go with our dogs to a regular exercising ground. The reason is clear – we found it useful to keep them in touch with other doggies from their young age because of learning the skill of communication. And later we said: “We like it!” So we still do it and sometimes we pass a performance exam or we participate in some competition. Both of our dogs always look forward to meet their friends again and do the exercises with pleasure. It is like a program in their heads – they are in the world to make their people happy.. We will ones possibly pass a hunting exam because our dogs like to search people and animals very much – and they do it always very loudly!

Jump - Bona + Anabel + Aris A personal experience of our friend says that Irish terrier could be used not only in sport cynology but also in hunting, emergency service, efficiency or canis therapy. One female-dog is even a, assistance dog of a handicapped girl. Ever if it is temperament and begs for some activity with its pack, it can live its live calm as companion and faithful friend as well. It can also be just a home “sofa-friend”. But it hates hard treatment, so as it suffers if separated from owners for a long time or changing them frequently.

Coat of Irish terrier is hard and wiry. The advantage is that they do not moult. But the coat should be partly torn out twice or three times a year. For this should be used either fingers or a special knife. In case it would be cut with scissors, the coat would become softer and lose the color.

The requirements on the place and the food are corresponding to the size of the dog - they are medium.

Standard of the race – FCI 139

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